Over the last (almost) two years, one of the highlights of my working life has been my ongoing collaboration with Penguin USA on the novels by John Le Carre. I have blogged a fair bit about it - have a look in the archive if you want to see some more.

This time around it’s something special (at least for me), insofar as it’s a new novel (not one from the extensive backlist I have been working through).

I can’t say a huge amount as the story itself is wrapped in secrecy, except that yes, that is the rock of Gibraltar. And that’s your lot. I’m fairly confident that much at least is in the press release, and if you want to know why it’s on the cover of the book then you’ll have to pick it up when it comes out in May (up for pre-order on amazon now). Expect at least one more blog about this when it comes out.

I’ve also posted a few sketches for directions that didn’t work out - and the rough sketch that lead to the final piece. 

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