This Friday sees the opening night of two shows that I have work in. Expect another blog post before the week is out, but for now, here is my contribution to the Mike Mitchell curated Space! show at everyone’s favorite art space, Gallery1988.

Mike has assembled an incredible line up of artists for this show, so if you’re in the area, get yourselves down there on Friday (or for the rest of the following month), and if not then get your F5 fingers ready when the work goes online over the weekend because you’ll want some of this on your walls.

My piece is a two color screen print (and i am indebted to a super short turnaround by the mighty Danny Askar), in an edition of 30 for $40 of your dollars. For whatever reason, tumblr is freaking out when i try and post it as a single image, but it is supposed to be a whole thing (9 x 24” at full size). I suppose you could buy it and cut it in half to replicate the effect of this tumblr post, but i wouldn’t recommend it.

Up next: Adventure Time for the Mondo Gallery. And my contribution will be unacceptable….

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