Sick of hearing me bang on about book covers? Then you should probably not read this post.

Once again, the good folk at Penguin (specifically Mr Paul Buckley and Gregg Kulick who art direct me and design magnificent type to sit over my drawings) have asked me to illustrate the covers in what is becoming a substantial backlist reissue of the books of John le Carre. You remember? I’ve made a few posts about them. These two (which have appeared on the coming soon section of the Penguin website, hence the blog post) will be numbers nine and ten, and there’s another couple to come as well. 

Also: process sketches! Because that’s what blogs are good for. There’s some early ideas and my finished pencils for A Murder Of Quality (actually, ‘pencils’ is a misnomer, because i do everything digitally these days. But if i had been drawing by hand, this would have been the pencilled stage before i launched into colors and inks). I hope that someone finds these interesting enough to justify posting them.

These will be on sale in the summer - expect to be beaten into submission with more blogs about them (and the other two covers from this batch) when the time comes.

le carre Illustration artists on tumblr book cover sketch

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